Course Curriculum

The AI4K™ program is one of the latest program launched by AI Learning Lab together with AI Singapore to help students understand basic & fundamental AI concepts such as Computer Vision, Machine Learning as well as fostering their interest in guiding them in developing and building AI applications & games.

Grade 1

  1. Introduction to machines & computers
  2. Problem Solving and Algorithms
  3. Sequences and Loops
  4. Selection Statements
  5. Code and function
  6. Introduction to AI (Part 1)


  1. Introduction to AI (Part 2)
  2. Computer Vision
  3. Introduction to Machine Learning 1
  4. Experiments on Machine Learning
  5. Building an AI Game using Scratch

Student's Takeaway

  • AI4K™ Certification awarded by AI Singapore
  • Understanding Pre-AI (Computational Thinking Process) & AI Fundamental Concepts
  • Design & build AI applications to recognize objects
  • Build an AI Computer game using Scratch
  • Discover & optimize potential AI talent in early age for future success