The AI4K™ Certified Instructor Course comprises of a two-day TTT session and one full participation at an organized AI4K workshop with actual student participants.

This course is conducted only by AI Learning Lab and its facilitators. The two-day session will teach trainees the AI4K™ curriculum and the hands-on activities. Trainees will be tasked to present independently and be peer-reviewed and graded by the Master Trainer before passing this session. Trainees will then be required to participate in at least one AI4K™ workshop, either as hands-on facilitators or lesson presenters, before graduating.

Graduated trainees will receive an “AI4K™ Certified Instructor” certificate ,as well as the licensed AI4K™ instructional materials and resources to conduct AI4K™- branded workshops in Singapore. The course fee is SGD $513.60 and the certification is valid for 2 years.